Worrisome Treasury migration report

April 17, 2018

A report released by Treasury has raised worrying concerns.

Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi has long called for a halving of Australia’s migration intake, citing problems with social cohesion and a drag on welfare from a large percentage of certain migrants not adequately contributing to Australian society nor assimilating with it.

The Australian newspaper reports today, the Treasury study supported concerns raised by critics of current intake levels in the permanent migration program.

“High rates of population growth can heighten existing pressures on infrastructure, housing, and the environment,” the report said.

“Without continuing action to find innovative solutions, high rates of growth may also intensify issues such as congestion and excessive waste production. To fully reap the benefits of immigration and population growth, Australia must continue to explore and address these issues.”

The issue came to a head last week when The Australian revealed there had been discussions last year among cabinet ministers over whether to reduce the annual intake by 20,000. While supported by several Liberal MPs, the push for mandating lower intakes has been dismissed by cabinet ministers including Scott Morrison, who said that the answer was to build more infrastructure rather than reduce migration.

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