Land of long white cloud gets vaping benefits, why not Australia?

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has welcomed the public acknowledgement by the New Zealand Labour government that smoke-free products are a less harmful alternative to cigarettes.

New Zealand’s Associate Minister of Health, Jenny Salesa, said: “We are supporting New Zealanders to be healthier by helping smokers switch to safer products, and at the same time protecting people who don’t smoke, especially young people… Vaping is a significantly less harmful alternative to smoking…”

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The Conservative Party supports the legalisation of vaping which the Royal College of Physicians in the UK has found that vaping presents only 5 per cent of the health risks of smoking.

Earlier this year Senator Cory Bernardi took a pro-vaping bus for a ride around Parliament House in Canberra to raise awareness of life-saving reforms that will put safer alternatives in the hands of tobacco smokers, making it easier to quit regular cigarettes – potentially saving 500,000 Australian lives.

Senator Bernardi has told ABC Radio Adelaide’s Peter Goers, himself a heavy smoker, that nicotine vaping is a proven aid to help cigarette smokers break the habit.