What "The Greens" really means

May 02, 2019

On top of the kooky policy positions they've pushed in the past, the Greens have spelled out how incredibly destructive their climate alarmism policies will be to the Australian economy.

That is why it is so important to get rid of the Greens and Vote "1" Australian Conservatives in the Senate to pulp the Greens and their kooky climate policies.

The Australian reports, The Greens have declared a "climate change emergency" and would spend billions of dollars on national and international programs to meet targets far ahead of anything proposed by Labor, the Coalition or the former Gillard government’s carbon tax.

The Greens’ climate plan includes a new, higher carbon price, increased subsidies for renewables, $3 billion for international climate funding and a government-owned, not-for-profit electricity retailer.

Coal, oil and gas would be banned and a new body set up to study a four-day working week without loss of pay and a universal minimum wage.

A target of 100 per cent renewable energy has been set for 2030 with even possibly net negative national emissions by 2040.

The Greens would oppose the use of foreign carbon permits and carry-over savings from the Kyoto process.

The Greens’ plan includes a ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2030, ensuring all new vehicles sales were electric or zero emissions.

A 17 per cent sales tax would be put on petrol and diesel cars.

Under the policy, it would no longer be legal to dig up, burn or ship thermal coal by 2030.

There have been no costings for the Greens’ environment policy, which was given an almost perfect score of 98 per cent in an analysis by the Greens-loving Australian Conservation Foundation.

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Get Rid Of The Greens

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