What does Labor really stand for?

December 10, 2018

With opinion polls now pointing towards a Labor landslide at next May's federal election, ahead of the Labor Party's annual conference in Adelaide this weekend it is timely to examine what a federal Labor government will really mean for Australia.

Voting for the Conservative Party in the Senate is the only way to counter that nightmare and ensure Conservative Senators holding the balance of power in the Senate can help shape common sense legislation.

The Australian reports, Labor’s Left faction has unveiled a radical economic, social and foreig­n policy agenda — including on refugees — that could place ­faction bosses on a collision course with the leadership.

Senior faction leaders Paul ­Erickson, the party’s assistant ­national secretary, and Rose Jackson, the NSW assistant secret­ary, have urged delegates to support the “most progressive platform Labor has offered in generations” and go further with even bolder policies.

A conference showdown on refugee policy looms, with some in the Left eager to press for further changes than those outlined in the party’s draft policy platform, including the fast-tracking of refugee medical transfers.

Labor MP Ged Kearney, the former ACTU president, writes in the Left faction magazine Challenge, that members must fight for a more “humane and progressive” policy towards asylum-seekers.

She continues, “Labor’s goal must be to get everyone held in offshore detention to safety and build a framework that could mean nobody actually has to go to offshore-­processing facilities.”

Support is also mounting in the Left to pursue changes more likely to win broad approval, ­including amending the ALP platform to reflect the parlia­ment­ary party’s policy shift to embrace the fast-tracking of ­refugee medical transfers.

The Labor Left’s core priorities, identified in Challeng­e, include:

  • Supporting a rewrite of workplace laws to increase the power of the unions and decrease employer rights
  • Increasing foreign aid
  • Signing a nuclear weapons ban treaty
  • Supporting Palestinian statehood
  • Increasing the Newstart Allowance
  • Backing the Uluru Statement from the Heart before a vote on a republic.
  • And of course progress the rainbow gender agenda through Australia's educational institutions and the Safe Schools program.

Ignore the menace that the polls predict at your peril.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi pointed to Labor's Green-led agenda in the Senate last week to weaken Australia's border protection policies to again open the people-smuggling floodgates. 

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