We want a Hollow victory in Kavel

March 08, 2018

Australian Conservatives candidate for Kavel, Howard Hollow (pictured above), sites lack of investment in infrastructure, the abundance of red tape businesses have to deal with and lack of easy access to employment and educational facilities as issues that continue to plague the people in the Kavel electorate.

Mr Hollow’s told The Weekend Herald, “That’s the outcome you get from living under a city-centric government for so long.”

“I am determined to see red tape cut for businesses as well as taxes and regulation reduced to stimulate growth in the local economy and for the creation of jobs. Another way of stimulating our economy is through better transport options,” he said.

“If elected I will be lobbying for the $500,000 funding needed to finish the business case for the high speed rail project which would see travel from Mount Barker to Adelaide reduced to a simple 20 minute train ride. This is a bold vision and it is time that we had such a vision for our state which is the only mainland state in the country to have no train service to regional towns,” he continued.

“Access to public transport opens doors and we are disadvantaged without it. Fast, reliant, efficient, affordable public transport would do a lot for our economy and is vital for reducing the growing congestion on the South Eastern Freeway,” Mr Hollow said.

“A rail system is also a way of attracting tourists to our towns. Better access can have the flow-on effect of better economic outcomes, jobs and services. Access to public transport also makes reaching jobs out of the area easier for people, it makes people less dependent on cars and it opens a wealth of opportunity for those wanting to study.”

Mr Hollow said,“This is why the Australian Conservatives are the first political party to back the fast rail project because we know the realities of life for those living outside the Adelaide tram and Obahn networks which is where Labor prefers to spend our money.”

“Fast rail for Kavel and surrounding electorates would ease cost of living pressures for families, make commuting easier for Adelaide Hills, Encounter Bay and Murray Bridge residents. And as pointed out earlier, ease the pressure on the South Eastern Freeway. Australian Conservatives commit to funding the full $500,000 that is needed to complete the business case for the project if successful at the March election,” he concluded.

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