Conservative women a force to be reckoned with

August 01, 2018

Conservative NSW Senate candidate Sophie York (pictured) was one of the panellists at a recent Sydney Institute seminar on the topic 'The Liberal Party's Women MPs - Where are they?

Her answer was straightforward, "You need women in the party, if you want women MPs. They are leaving the Liberal Party to join genuine conservative parties like the Conservative Party."

The incredible failures of the Liberal/National coalition, Labor and the Greens over decades are causing Australians to leave the major parties in ever increasing numbers. Some of the major failures that Sophie highlighted include:

  • Failing to stop the continued increase in the size and intrusiveness of the government in every facet of our lives
  • Refusing to stop the government violating our freedom of expression especially through an unwillingness to repeal section 18C
  • Allowing marriage to be redefined while promising to protect those who supported traditional marriage and then breaking that promise
  • Retaining government bodies like the Australian Human Rights Commission which fails to protect basic human rights
  • Failing to protect human life at all ages
  • Allowing severe encroachment on our sovereignty by the Chinese Communist government
  • Permitting excessive levels of immigration - that are causing problems with housing prices, city congestion, social cohesion and community safety
  • Allowing our energy costs to dramatically increase in order to pursue extreme green ideologies
  • Failing to ensure that the State does not violate religious liberty - in areas such as employment, education and freedom of expression
  • Refusing to recognise and support the Christian foundations of Australia, especially against current threats to the overt celebration of Christmas and Easter
  • Allowing our education system to be corrupted by socialist extremists committed to promoting a hatred of Western civilisation and dividing us via identity politics

These were just some of the many disastrous policies pursued by our Federal and State politicians that Sophie highlighted in her presentation.

Sophie ended her presentation by declaring that supporting the Conservative Party is the only common sense option available, to ensure we can meet the many challenges that we face in the future.

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