Water security and energy costs are the top concerns: Lambert

March 06, 2019

The Conservative Party's South Australian Senate candidate Rikki Lambert says water security and the cost of electricity are the two main issues preventing more jobs from being created in the Eyre Peninsula.

The Whyalla Times reports, Mr Lambert visited Whyalla on Tuesday as part of a tour of the regions ahead of the federal election in May.

He referenced the actions of legendary politician Tom Playford, who oversaw the construction of the Morgan-Whyalla Pipeline, when saying an innovative approach was needed to produce more water for areas like the steel city.

"How do we add more water? Well that's when we talk about desalination, and that's what we need in the Eyre Peninsula region and in Port Lincoln to improve water security," Mr Lambert said.

The Conservatives recently worked with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to create a case study on the benefits of pairing desalination with nuclear power and Mr Lambert said the end result provided a very positive outlook for job creation and energy generation.

"You could see a lot of jobs growth in this area," he said.

"Nuclear is a baseload energy solution...it has the capability to run non-stop and you have the other benefits of processing uranium, which South Australia has an incredible resource of.

"It is crazy that we don't make better use of resources we actually have to improve our economic situation and our water security."

To support local businesses Mr Lambert said the Australian Conservatives would advocate for reducing the red tape involved with  doing business.

"I was in Port Pirie last night and a lot of business owners are hesitant to take people on because of all the red tape and compliance costs," he said.

"The more government regulation there is, the less likely a business is going to take the risk of putting people on."

With the election on the horizon Mr Lambert is confident in his chances in the election and the potential for the Australian Conservatives to hold the balance of power as Cory Bernadi remains in the Senate.

"Even two senators might be enough," he said.

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