Warning to Liberal climate alarmists: stay away from Qld’s beef industry

October 22, 2018

Emboldened Liberal “moderates” have been warned to keep their hands off the Queensland beef industry in the wake of the Wentworth by-election as they push to expand “climate action” to “other sectors”.

Queensland Conservative Party Senate Candidate Lyle Shelton said he was alarmed to hear Trent Zimmerman advocating for “climate action” to extend beyond electricity to “other sectors” of the economy.

“This is code for culling the beef herd and getting trucks off the road,” Mr Shelton said.

“Not content with having made a mess of electricity prices, climate alarmists now want to put the brakes on the beef and transport industries. The people of harbourside Wentworth can afford high electricity prices and have little to no appreciation of the struggles of cattle producers," he said.

“Wentworth is hardly a snapshot of mainstream Australia and it is alarming that the green-left of the Liberal party is pushing for more economy-destroying policy in the wake of the Wentworth loss. Look at the price we are all paying because of ‘climate action’ in the electricity sector. We can’t afford to let ‘climate action’ destroy the beef industry,” he continued.

Mr Shelton said it was a misnomer to call the left of the Liberal Party “moderates” because their policies were extremely harmful to the economy and to ordinary small business and working-class people.

Mr Zimmerman was also calling for more taxpayer money to be wasted on the multi-billion Emissions Reduction Fund.

“No more taxpayer money should be spent subsidising energy sources which are making our electricity grid unreliable and our electricity unaffordable," Mr Shelton said.

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