WA Senate Candidates Jonathan Crabtree and Peter Castieau visit Bunbury for community meeting

April 17, 2019

The Australian Conservatives are reaching out to voters across Western Australia ahead of next month's Federal Election.

The Bunbury Mail reports, WA senate candidates Jonathan Crabtree and Peter Castieau met with supporters during a special event in Bunbury on Thursday, April 4. 

Mr Crabtree praised those whom attended the event and expressed their views regarding today's political climate.

"There was a big focus on our values and our core key principles - a civil society, stronger families, free enterprise, and limited government," he said.

"We also talked about how we are different to other self-described conservative parties who, in some respects, aren't all that consistently conservative. I was encouraged by the turn-out as well as by the level of engagement. They were all incredibly engaged, and grateful to have an alternate conservative party to vote for," The senate candidate said they were focused on making positive changes in WA and all over the country.

"The Greens have been a very effective influence in politics over the past 20 years, along with left-leaning activist groups like GetUp!," he said.

"As part of the Australian Conservatives, we are trying to become a counter-weight to balance the scales because we believe it has gone too far one way. We're trying to be a credible centre-right party, much like the Liberal Party from 20 years ago. We're trying to do it without the inflammatory wording and without being loose with the lips," he concluded.

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