WA food basket 20% foreign-owned: Crabtree

March 12, 2019

According to the agricultural land ownership register, nearly 20 per cent of Western Australia’s total agricultural land is now owned by foreign interests, writes the Conservative Party's WA Senate candidate Jonathan Crabtree.

Foreign ownership of agricultural land in WA is growing at the fastest rate of any state.

Across Australia, Chinese ownership of farmland is skyrocketing.

After the UK, China now has the second largest stake in Australian farmland, with some 9.17 million hectares.

This is at a time when Australians’ concerns about foreign interference and suspicions of Beijing’s intentions are rising.

As Chinese ownership of Australian farms rockets ahead, the Commonwealth Government has gone to water on revealing how much farm water they and other foreign entities own.

The Coalition has thus far failed to keep its promise to release a foreign ownership of water register in Australia. 

Australia should welcome investment in our country. However, strategic, non-commercial investments by foreign state-controlled entities or their associates are unlikely to be in our long-term interest, particularly where significant or strategic Australian assets
are targeted.

The Australian Conservatives believe that we must not compromise our long-term national interest or economic well-being for short term gain in the form of foreign capital.

There needs to be an ‘ethic of reciprocity’ in our foreign investment and free trade agreements, where foreign investors are granted
similar rights to those Australians are granted in their countries.

I believe that we need people in Canberra prepared to stand up for our national interest.

That's why you should vote for your Conservative Party Senate candidate at the May federal election.

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