Victoria in ‘fairyland’ on African gangs: Dutton

July 19, 2018

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has described Victoria as a “parallel universe” and “fairyland”, after there was a 70 per cent spike in complaints to the state’s Human Rights Commissioner over his comments about African gang violence.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi says the gang violence problem simply hasn't been addressed because of historical political correctness in the Victorian police force.

The Australian reports, in January, Mr Dutton said Victorians were “scared to go out to restaurants” because of “African gang violence”, following a spate of home invasions, carjackings and violent burglaries involving youths of African descent.

The issue was reignited this week when Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told a press conference in Melbourne that he was not personally frightened to go out to dinner in the Victorian capital, but that members of the public clearly were.

Asked whether the fact that Mr Turnbull had used the same words this week made him a “genius”, Mr Dutton said: “No, no. I’m a racist, and there’s been a 70 per cent spike in the number of complaints to the Human Rights Commissioner in Victoria because I called people involved in home invasions African gang members, even though they’re of African descent and they’re involved in gang activity in Victoria.”

“It’s like some parallel universe going on down there at the moment where you’re not allowed to refer to these people as ‘in gangs’. I mean it’s fairyland stuff,” Mr Dutton said.

Senator Bernardi has told Sky News persistent denial of the African gang problem in Melbourne is one of the reasons it's so bad.

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