Vegan vigilantes need to be stopped: Lambert

April 09, 2019

Australian farmers are taking to social media to vent their fury at protesting vegans, and the Conservative Party is firmly on the famers' side.

Agricultural Facebook pages are being bombarded with furious messages from farmers, who say they are afraid of being targeted after yesterday’s major wave of animal rights protests.

One of those making his voice heard is Burrumbuttock Hay Runners founder Brendan Farrell — who takes donated hay to drought affected farmers — who posted a strongly-worded video statement on the protests.

“Vegans are going bananas. Blockades left, right and centre ... Abattoirs chained up, people locking themselves up here, there and everywhere,” he said in the video.

“I am just gobsmacked with some of the bulls**t that’s coming out these people’s mouths on what they are trying to achieve.”

He said an anonymous vegan called him during the protests, “The Sheila (on the phone) goes she didn’t like the last post I done on Facebook because lettuces have got a heartbeat,” he said. “Lettuce. Has. A. Heartbeat. Some people have just got no bloody idea. None.”

Other farmers are taking to social media — saying they are concerned about violence.

“So wrong it’s come to this, us farmers having to be vigilant while we are out in the paddocks feeding our stock,” wrote one farmer from Western Australia.

Some slammed the police response to yesterday’s protests as “weak”, and some even threatened to take matters into their own hands if they were targeted.

“Weak rules for these invading cult disciples. WHY?” asked another farmer. “Total contradiction to the rules and standards placed on law abiding producers and processors.”

“Someone will get hurt soon,” warned another. “This is ridiculous. They (the protesters) need to be accountable for what they are doing.”

The Conservative Party's South Australian Senate candidate Rikki Lambert has told FIVEaa's Leon Byner, these vegan vigilantes need to be stopped.

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