US Elects Trump as its President

November 07, 2018

On 8 November 2016, American voters decisively elected Republican presidential candidate, Donald J Trump, to the White House over his highly-favoured Democrat rival, Hillary Clinton (306 electoral college votes to 232). The voters also handed the Republicans majorities in both chambers of the US Congress – the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The election result floored pollsters, pundits, the political establishment and the mainstream media (MSM) throughout America and the West, including leaders in Australia that should have known better (see 2 mins in). It followed off the back of a similar “shock result” in June earlier that year when UK voters similarly defied the elites of Europe and voted to leave the European Union (known commonly as “Brexit”).

Much to the further shock of the MSM, political establishment and elites – many of which are still suffering acutely from “Trump derangement syndrome” or TDS – the Trump Administration in office went from strength to strength. Apart from:

  • keeping its promises
  • securing its borders
  • leaving the Paris Climate Accord (and other economically-crippling, sovereignty-stripping UN globalist bodies or initiatives)
  • renegotiating a slew of trade deals
  • bringing Islamic jihadi groups to heel
  • re-pivoting to more aggressive, self-confident “America-first” stances on foreign policy, and
  • reshaping the world order (much to the chagrin of globalists and the UN)

the Trump Administration has also transformed the US economy back into the powerhouse it once was (primarily through major tax cuts, deregulation and removing Obama-era green tape holding back nation-building energy projects), lifting employment, wage and world growth in the process.

As he promised, and despite the doubters, knockers, naysayers, resistors, filibusters and perjurers, President Trump and his Administration continue to plough on to Make America Great Again (MAGA).

Celebrate this anniversary of Trump winning the White House by:

  • wearing your MAGA hat for the day, a Republican red tie or some stars and stripes
  • enjoying Australian Conservatives supporter and 'lambassador' Sam Kekovich's meeting with President Trump in 2010 (see below, poor video quality)
  • watching these clips of the election night events and responses (warning: some bad language in the latter)
  • viewing these documentaries on the entire 2015-16 election campaign
  • recapping what Trump was able to achieve in his first year in office, and/or
  • sharing this Action Plan post on social media with family, friends, conservatives, classical liberals, good sports, anti-nihilists, climate realists and those that want to make their own nation great again.

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