Chip In $10

There is a saying in political activism that you only take flak when you are near the target.

Australian Conservatives must be getting close because sections of the media and some social activist organisations seem desperate to discredit our fledgling movement. 

Our critics appear unable to grasp that we are a movement of individuals, united by conservative principles, seeking to support each other and the ideas and values we share.

In the weeks since our last update, our foundations continue to develop. The design of the Australian Conservatives website has been agreed and the important architecture that will deliver cutting edge communications is now being built. We are aiming to have it ready for launch in 2017.

We have also been active on the political front.

Working with South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi, over 15,000 Australian Conservatives signed a petition calling for reform of Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. The petition was tabled in the Senate on the same day that a Bill seeking to make these reforms was introduced. The Bill was co-sponsored by 20 Senators representing six different political parties.

According to research conducted by an AC intern, this is the largest number of Senators attaching their names to an individual Bill in the recent history of the Senate. It also proves that good ideas and sound principles will unite conservatives regardless of their party-political allegiance.

The Bill seeks to remove the words ‘insult’ and ‘offend’ from the Act which would help stop the misuse and abuse of the RDA by activists. The plight of students attending the QUT who have become the true victims of these unconscionable provisions is strong evidence of why reform is necessary.

Friends, our work has only just begun and we have much to do ahead of our 2017 launch program. A focus of the months ahead will be to build the team that will drive AC into the future.

One key position we will be looking to fill is that of Federal Director of Australian Conservatives. That role will require an outstanding self-motivated candidate who understands the importance of uniting Australia’s Conservatives. They’ll need top flight communication skills, the ability to manage staff, volunteers and finances whilst maintaining a good sense of humour.

If you know of someone who might fit the bill, please feel free to send a detailed resume through.

Our success will be shaped by the people, policies and procedures we establish now. We have had many, many offers of physical and financial support for which we are grateful.

As soon as we have finalised the personnel and the battle plan for the path ahead we shall call on every bit of help we can muster.

Thanks again for being part of Australian Conservatives.