Chip In $10

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes with the Australian Conservatives movement.

Whilst our website has commenced construction, our office facilities are now firmly established and this week our dedicated communications officer, Ian Miller, has started in his role.

Ian is experienced in writing about conservative issues and is passionate about upholding freedoms and traditional values in our society.

He’ll be responsible for our outreach via traditional and new media whilst also working on our internal documentation. He joins our administrative team member, Ania, who has been working tirelessly these past few weeks responding to the thousands of supporter enquiries.

As our movement grows (hopefully our available resources will too), we will be looking to engage other enthusiastic conservatives in our HQ in Adelaide.

We’ve also had a number of supporters express an interest in establishing state divisions of Australian Conservatives. That is certainly on our agenda for 2017, but our immediate focus has to be creating a robust and sustainable foundation on which to build future success.

Already Making an Impact

It's clear we are already making an impact, with the extreme-left lobbying organisation GetUp! asking their registered members to donate to counter our growing supporter base.

It’s a good sign that we have our opponents worried. While we don’t have GetUp!’s multi-million dollar budget, Australian Conservatives will always seek to be more efficient and more effective than our opponents.

You can help us by contributing here.

Our movement is all about helping other conservatives to get ahead. Whilst we are only just beginning, there are political opportunities where you can make a difference.

Northern Territory Election

The Adam Giles government is under the pump in the NT. There are many reasons for that but right now they need all the help they can get.

You can get in touch and offer your support through their Facebook page at

Also contesting the NT election is the former Chief Minister Terry Mills. Terry is a decent man who, after standing down from the parliament in 2014, is now seeking election as an independent. His website is

Thanks for being part of the movement that is uniting the conservative voice.