Universities failing our children: Bernardi

June 27, 2018

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi says the education system is failing our children as universities and tertiary educational institutions have become bloated, cash-hungry monsters that are churning out ideologues who have really very little prospect of getting substantive jobs in the real world.

Senator Bernardi says, “Alarmingly, the parents of children in secondary schools have been conditioned to believe that unless their child goes to university, they haven’t really got a chance of making it. I disagree!”

“We need stronger vocational education in this country. We need our children to get real job experience so they can learn while they’re working and earning,” he said.

“Because what’s the point of going to university and learning about gender studies or sexual diversity or Pacific Island studies or any of the other jobs creating degrees, that allow students to rack up tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt with very little prospect of getting any sort of meaningful work outside of the government or the Universities themselves?” Senator Bernardi continued.

“This is a huge problem for this country. We have $30 billion in student debt and over the next 10 years, that’s expected to explode to $185 billion turning out people who manage to get a job earning  somewhere between the minimum wage and the average wage upon graduation. That’s if they can get a job. Because only 40% of graduates in some courses can actually get a full-time job,” he concluded.

To see a clip from Senator Bernardi’s senate speech on high education funding, click the box below.

To see Senator Bernardi talk about higher education on the Sky News show Outsiders, click the box below.

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