24 October 1945 — United Nations is formally established

October 24, 2018

On 24 October 1945, the Charter of the United Nations (UN) was ratified by the five permanent members of the Security Council and by a majority of the other 46 Charter signatories, which formally established or founded the UN and began its operation.

The UN was the brainchild of US Democrat president Franklin D. Roosevelt who coined the name 'United Nations'. During World War II, Allied leaders envisaged “four policemen” to help enforce world peace – the US, UK, Soviet Union and China (all non-Axis powers) – replacing the old spheres of influence. With the addition of France as a permanent member (each with veto powers on matters and actions of world security), the US Security Council evolved – the centrepiece of the nascent UN.

The UN’s primary mission - particularly through its Security Council (but also through its other five key bodies) - was to preserve world peace, promote international co-operation, enhance development, lift people out of poverty, and to create and maintain international order.

But in more recent decades, the UN has broadened its global role and reach through carefully engineered, even sinister, “scope creep”. It has morphed into a massive, wasteful, jet-setting, tin-eared, opaque and scandal-plagued bureaucracy intent on:

  • regulating ever more aspects of peoples’ lives
  • usurping the borders and sovereignty of nations
  • providing peace-keeping and aid for sex, personal favours and kickbacks, and
  • redistributing wealth from the developed to the developing world, via their increasingly “sticky fingers”, through schemes underpinned by pseudo-science.

Successive Australian governments has given away over $730 million a year to the UN - equivalent to $55 per taxpayer or $30 per person, each year. China, by contrast, has an economy nearly 20 times larger yet gives the UN less than $1 US dollar per person.

Mark 'UN Day' – this anniversary of the foundation of the increasingly anachronistic and harmful, globalist UN by:

Further details on the UN

The UN essentially replaced the 'League of Nations' which – having been founded soon after WWI at the Paris Peace Conference, primarily to prevent any future world war – was seen to have failed in its key purpose after the Axis powers and others withdrew and WWII broke out. (The US never officially joined the League of Nations and the Soviet Union joined late.)

Whilst maybe starting out with good intentions, the UN is now a globalist organisation, replete with councils, commissions, courts, panels and secretariats all supporting, even promoting, left-wing causes, such as:

  • waging a war on sovereignty
  • undermining traditional structures and behaviours
  • open borders and multiculturalism
  • minority and identity group politics
  • strength through diversity (of appearance, not views or opinions)
  • extreme environmentalism
  • mass redistribution
  • expanding taxation, government and welfare states
  • centralising power and promulgating orthodoxies
  • socialist and communist (Marxist globalist) ideals
  • one-world government agendas (2030, 2100), and
  • a New World Order – the “brotherhood of man” or “sisterhood of woman”.

It bears remembering that the Australian Greens' spiritual leader and founder, Bob Brown, advocated for one world government via a mechanism similar to the United Nations. Former senator Brown was fond of referring to his comrades and fellow globalists as 'Earthians'. 


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