Uni researchers push to give plants and animals legal rights

March 21, 2019

A push by University of Sydney researchers to extend legal rights to animals and plants by establishing “multispecies justice” in Australia has been slammed as “utter madness’’. 

The Conservative Party sees this as part of a gradual undermining of our human rights by an ever-increasing log of claims for new 'rights' at odds with Australian freedoms.

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The Daily Telegraph reports, the claims were made in a preamble for the university’s new “FutureFix” program which will attract leading academics from around the world to workshop the issue deemed to be of “global importance”.

“Justice is typically thought to be the preserve of humans, and advocacy has sought to ensure all humans are subjects of justice,” researchers wrote on the university’s website.

“But harms inflicted on animals and the environment are coming to be understood as injustices,” they added.

Institute of Public Affairs Western Civilisation director Dr Bella d’Abrera said the project demonstrated the university was out of touch with real problems faced by Australians.

“This is utter madness … Australian taxpayers need to be made aware that their hard-earned dollars are funding such frivolous and irrelevant research,” Dr d’Abrera said.

“The same people who want to kills cows to stop climate change, now want to give wombats the vote. The fact that they genuinely believe multispecies justice to be a global problem reveals the massive divide between the real world and the academy.”

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