UN pushing open borders policy for Australia

January 28, 2019

The Conservative Party is determined to hold its nerve and hold the line against calls from the United Nations for Australia to open its borders as part of the UN's insidious globalist agenda.

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The UN refugee agency’s ­Indonesia chief, Thomas Vargas, has told The Australian that turn-back policies such as those used by Australia’s Border Force to prevent boatloads of asylum-seekers reaching Australia “don’t work” and the UNHCR will continue to lobby to end the practice and for Canberra to lift its restrictions on refugee resettlements out of Indonesia, ­regardless of who wins the ­election.

Indonesians involved in the people-smuggling trade have told The Australian they are closely monitoring federal election campaigning and say they are ready to kickstart their trade if a new government weakens the nation’s tough border policies.

Indonesian authorities have said they, too, are following the ­debate and bracing for a possible change in policy that could lead to a resumption of boats.

The Weekend Australian reported on Saturday that a boat carrying up to 200 asylum-­seekers had left India this month.

Throughout Europe’s tumultuous four-year migration explosion, Australia has been a political ­beacon.

At the most recent flashpoint — the English Channel — Australia’s firmness in controlling borders, turning back boats, processing offshore and ensuring no one who arrives illegally by sea is granted residency, has been lauded.

Theresa May’s Conservative Party is revisiting Australia’s success and working out how elements can be transferred to its own Brexit angst-riddled nation.

British Home Secretary Sajid Javid is reading the same Down Under script: stop the boats to prevent deaths.

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