Ultimo we have a problem... a Trump problem

May 24, 2018

The Australian public are increasingly fed up with the ABC constantly breaching its legislated charter to broadcast impartial reporting on the news. Australian Conservatives leader, senator Cory Bernardi, has consistently called out the ABC's bias in favour of the political left.

Further evidence has come to hand today demonstrating ABC left-wing bias, as data sourced via Google shows the national broadcaster, headquartered in the Sydney suburb of Ultimo, is anti-US President Donald Trump.

An analysis of the ABC’s references to the past four presidents of the United States clearly shows the ABC's disrespect for President Trump by the way in which he is referred. It is customary, out of respect for US law, to refer to former Presidents as 'President' - as evidenced by past ABC history of US presidential mentions.

The figures below detail how often Australian ABC websites refer to the past and present US presidents as “President” ...

  • President Bill Clinton – 57%
  • President George W. Bush – 59%
  • President Barack Obama – 53%
  • President Donald Trump – 43%

... further evidence of the ABC's left wing bias.

Senator Bernardi says the ABC is constantly breaching its charter of impartiality and is now so ubiquitous and powerful that it is out of control.

The South Australian Senator told SA community radio station FLOW FM this week that the national broadcaster needs to be pulled back into line and have its political bias and cross-platform reach and influence trimmed-back.

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