Two Rwandans who confessed to murder resettled in Australia under Trump-Turnbull deal

May 16, 2019

Two Rwandan refugees who confessed to the murder of tourists in 1999 were resettled in Australia as part of a controversial refugee swap deal struck between former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and US President Donald Trump, according to US media reports.

Conservative Party policy is that all migrants to Australia should be admitted only if it is in our economic, social and cultural interests.

The Australian reports, in what amounts to a political landmine two days out form the election, which has in part been fought on the issue of border security, US news website Politico is carrying a report that the two men, which it has named, were accepted as part of the deal.

According to Politico, the men were extradited to the US to stand trial and confessed to the crimes, which saw eight tourists slaughtered by Hutu rebels in 1999.

Despite the confessions, the men walked free after a US court ruled they had been tortured while in custody in Rwanda, tainting their admissions.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison told the Press Club in Canberra this afternoon that, "Every single person that comes to Australia under any such arrangements are the subject of both character and security assessments by Australian agencies... and these are the same security agencies that have foiled 15 terrorist attacks... and that put an end to the border chaos we inherited from the Labor Party."

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has told Sydney radio station 2GB's Ben Fordham, you can't trust the major parties.

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