Turnbull knifes PM Abbott after 30 bad Newspolls

September 14, 2018

On 14 September 2015, then Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, challenged and toppled sitting Coalition Government PM, Tony Abbott.

This dastardly act was "justified" by Mr Turnbull on the basis he'd provide:

  • a reversal in the trend of losing 30 Newspolls in a row – ie trailing the Labor party on a two-party-preferred basis 
  • better economic leadership (like energy policy, income tax for the States, GST reforms on – then off – the table)
  • stronger cabinet government with fewer “captain’s calls” (eg Mr Abbott knighting Prince Philip), and
  • no more "three word slogans" (such as "Stop the Boats" and "Axe the Tax")

and yet Mr Turnbull then:

  • later racked up 38 straight Newspoll losses before himself being deposed
  • make a captain's call on making a gratuitous, unrequested grant of $444m to the tiny, Turnbull-connected Great Barrier Reef Foundation,
  • made a further captain's call to stage a disastrous pre-emptive leadership spill that precipitated his removal as Prime Minister, and
  • promoted his own three-word slogan, “Jobs and Growth” , central to the long eight-week Labor-lite "Turnbull Coalition Team" campaign of the 2016 federal double dissolution election, delivering a larger, less conservative Senate crossbench.

The coup followed 15 months of then Minister Turnbull undermining PM Abbott’s Government, budget, policy platform and leadership. The coup was on in earnest after the infamous gathering at the Wild Duck restaurant in Canberra on the evening of 28 May 2014 – just two weeks after the appropriately austere, but poorly received, Abbott-Hockey 2014 budget was delivered (see further details below).

PM Turnbull, his chosen Cabinet and (l)iberal front bench proceeded to shift the policies and messaging of the Coalition parties to the political left. Turnbull alienated conservatives and mainstream Australia, doubling down on his leather-jacket-wearing appearances on ABC TV's left-wing echo-chamber Q & A by sidling up to the most left-wing (other) parts of the media. 

Mark this day when the Liberal Party and Coalition set the course to exit government stage left by:

  • viewing this footage of Malcolm Turnbull announcing his challenge to sitting PM Tony Abbott’s leadership, Turnbull’s leadership ballot victory speech and Tony Abbott’s concession speech (his last as PM)
  • viewing this footage of Turnbull’s subsequent 2016 election night speech in a woeful, near-tied result
  • reading about Turnbull’s July 2017 speech in London on how Liberals are not conservatives – at least, not under the government he leads
  • reflecting on what the Turnbull government achieved and stood for, assessed at various times over its three years in office, including his last speech as PM
  • refreshing oneself on Malcolm Turnbull’s late-May 2014 dinner at the Wild Duck restaurant in Canberra with companions Martin Parkinson and Al Gore ally Clive Palmer
  • joining or chipping in your support for the Conservative Party – a party formed by ex-Liberal and conservative senator Cory Bernardi, for whom this leadership change and woeful 2016 election result confirmed the need to chart A Better Way, and/or
  • sharing this Action Plan post on social media with family, friends, conservatives, lifelong Liberals and those that believe in lower taxes, smaller government, less regulation and bureaucratic interference, freedom of thought, speech and association, our long-built and cherished institutions and the Australian way of life.

Further details of, and context to, Turnbull’s coup and knifing of Abbott

The Turnbull coup was hatched during the preceding weekend around a table in the Queanbeyan house of then Liberal sitting member for Eden-Monaro along with several other key party room members (or their proxies) in attendance, including the chief of staff of Abbott’s “loyal deputy”.

The resulting knifing occurred during the week leading up to the WA Canning federal by-election which fine Liberal candidate, Andrew Hastie, was expected to struggle to win (even lose) but internal party polling began suggesting the electorate was not as hostile to the Abbott Government and its leadership that Turnbull backers wanted. Time became of the essence.

Also fast-approaching was the glorious international stage of the Paris Climate Conference (late 2015). This gabfest for jet-setting, globalist narcissist politicians and bureaucrats – to signal their virtue to each other over concerns for the planet – was the stage to offer up, via speech and signature, a Western country’s proposed sacrifices to the “altar of Gaia and global warming”, designed to fall disproportionately on the “little people” of the West.

Time was running out for Turnbull to join his party’s “fabulous loyal deputy” on such a fine world stage and tout his impeccable, globalist, climate credentials – an occasion where would-be global thought-leaders escape the turgid and mundane lives they must endure at home.

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