Turnbull faces serious threat of challenge

August 20, 2018

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has dumped the carbon emissions reduction target from his National Energy Guarantee (NEG) policy, because it doesn’t have enough support to get through the House of Representatives.

The policy, opposed by the Conservative Party, was approved by the coalition party room last week and was also backed by industry, experts and consumer groups.

However, News Corp reports, since then a number of backbenchers including former prime minister Tony Abbott have pushed back against the policy and Mr Turnbull’s leadership. The Prime Minister has now abandoned the target.

Radio host Ray Hadley, who last week predicted there would “100 per cent” be a move against Mr Turnbull’s leadership within a fortnight, has now accused a senior minister of lying about the Prime Minister’s level of support.

Opening his 2GB show this morning, Hadley took aim at Defence Minister Chris Pyne (pictured) and his claim that Mr Turnbull still enjoyed the full backing of the cabinet.

“That’s a lie. That’s a lie. And Christopher Pyne knows it to be a lie. I know at least three cabinet ministers that want him (Mr Turnbull) gone,” Hadley said.

“For the first time, Malcolm Turnbull knows he’s in strife.”

According to Hadley, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton “knows he doesn’t quite have the numbers yet to challenge”, but also knows he will lose his marginal seat at the next election if Mr Turnbull remains leader.

“His only hope of remaining in parliament is to lead the party,” Hadley said.

Conservative Party Queensland Senate candidate Lyle Shelton says the real problem with Australian politics is that we have a crisis of courage.

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