First Anniversary of President Trump

January 20, 2018

The 20th day of January marks the anniversary of the Trump presidency. President Donald Trump was elected to “Make America Great Again”. Despite what the ABC and biased media will say about Trump’s first year in office, here’s the facts:


  1. a booming share market, contrary to predictions, with the (Dow Jones up by about 30% since inauguration  and the S&P 500 Index up by over 20%)
  2. unemployment at 4.1% (lowest since turn of the millennium, lower than under Obama, with almost 1 million more Americans now unemployed)
  3. economic growth at an annualised 3% rate in the last two quarters – unheard of in the Obama era
  4. Americans’ confidence soaring, with
    • confidence in the economy reaching a 16-year high, doubling since Trump took office,
    • consumer confidence at 17-year highs,
    • small business confidence at a 10-year high,  and
    • manufacturer optimism at a 20-year high,
  5. mass de-regulation with 1,500 regulations either cancelled or delayed, cutting 22 regulations for every new one enacted,
  6. major tax cuts, cutting rates for individuals across all (seven) tax brackets and slashing the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%,
  7. a collapse in illegal Mexican border crossings deporting more illegal immigrants,
  8. Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord and reversing Obama's decision to list climate change as a national security threat,
  9. Standing up to the UN, including recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by advancing moves to locate the U.S. embassy there, and
  10. Taking the media to task to ensure accurate and balanced reporting by calling out ‘fake news

These are all improvements Australia needs - and would have - if we had a truly conservative government in place with strong leadership.

Use 20 January every year to celebrate President Trump’s successful shock to the Washington and social elite system. What can you do?

  • Share this Action Plan page on your Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts,
  • print off our ‘Thumbs Up for Trump’ image on your social media or print them and put them on display,
  • this Saturday, dedicate your round of drinks (or propose a toast) to real leadership
  • wear or display anything American in solidarity,
  • wear a 'MAGA' (Make America Great Again') cap, or
  • try out some chants on campus, say, ‘More Jobs, Less Tax, Stop Wailing, They’re the Facts
  • just spread the word about the truth of this day’s significance when you get the chance.

By spreading the word and celebrating such pivotal events in Western liberal-conservative history, we can help ensure and inspire… a better way!

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