Trucking hell! Labor to revive RSRT

December 19, 2018

A Bill Shorten Labor government would reinstate the union-backed Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal, controlling pay and conditions for truckies and drivers in the road transport industry.

The Conservative Party supports the National Road Transport Association (NRTA) in opposing the move which it says would again put small business owners under intense emotional and financial stress.

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While the argument cited for reinstating the RSRT is reducing the road toll, inquiries by two independent bodies found this union stitch-up did nothing to improve road safety.

In the road freight sector, the majority of businesses are small operators (operating two trucks or fewer).

During its investigation, the Small Business Ombudsman heard that the prescription of pay rates not only led to business closures but caused such emotional harm to hard-working small business owners that some took their own lives.

One of the many flaws in the RSRT model of regulation was that its payments order only applied a minimum freight rate to owner drivers. Larger companies were not subject to mandated rates they then had to pass on to their customers.

NRTA CEO Warren Clark said, "The stress that was caused to owner/operators should never again be tolerated. This kind of stress was the opposite of what is needed to produce safe outcomes. Without our smaller operators, many Australians find themselves out of work and our transport sector would cease to be as internationally competitive and efficient as it is today".

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