NSW Legislative Council Candidate

Tim Cairns

I'm married with two married daughters, one son who lives at home and two granddaughters.

I taught high school science for 15 years full-time and around five years as a casual teacher.

Until recently I had been the senior pastor of a two-campus church in the Hunter Valley, however I have stepped away from the role of senior pastor and handed that over to someone else while I stay as a campus pastor of one of the churches until I have someone trained to take over there.

I have had my own property-investing business in the past.

Currently my full time job is as a security guard at a power station in the Hunter Valley and am going through the process of security vetting for possible work on military bases.

During the same sex marriage campaign, I noticed that many pastors remained silent on the issue.

For a while I did too until I heard how many of the congregation were accepting the lies and half-truths being told by the yes campaign.

I decided that I had to change so I could inform the people of the truth.

I then realised that in the position I held, I had very little ability to influence the wider community and so I began a journey towards politics.

I found someone who could take over the senior leadership of my churches to free myself to focus on this new direction. 

I have been in positions where I have been earning around $140,000 per annum and other places where I been unemployed and then earning so little I've had to rely on Centrelink payments.

I know what it's like to live on either side of the poverty line and I can relate to people from all walks of life.

As a pastor I'm aware of the threats to our religious freedoms and the changes that are being made as a result of SSM.

As a teacher, I'm aware of what's happened to our education system and how it needs to change.

As a security guard I'm aware of the law and order issues rife in our communities.

As a previously low wage earner I'm aware of the difficulties in working with Centrelink and the inappropriate government spending.

As a person who cares about his community and is actively involved in it, I'm very much aware of how these issues come together to impact the lives of individuals.

We need to turn the direction of Australia around to return it to the moral standing and governance it once enjoyed.

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