The woke corporation: how campus madness entered the workplace

March 08, 2019

New employees at the British headquarters of Accenture, a global management consultancy, were slightly taken aback during a recent induction morning when the head of human resources encouraged them to wear rainbow-coloured lanyards declaring themselves ‘allies’ — not just at the meeting, but permanently.

The Conservative Party vehemently opposes the creep of the insidious ideology of identity politics into virtually every aspect of our lives and if elected in May every Conservative Senate candidate will fight against it.

Toby Young writes in The Spectator magazine:

"In addition, they were given the option of adding the word ‘ally’ in the same rainbow pattern to the footers of their company email addresses.

Anyone confused by HR language — a reference to the second world war perhaps? — was referred to the company website, where the word ‘ally’ was helpfully defined: ‘An ally is someone who takes action to promote an inclusive and accepting culture regardless of their own identity and demonstrates commitment to an inclusive workplace. We currently have allies programmes for Mental Health, LGBT and People with Disabilities.’

This use of the term ‘ally’ originated on US college campuses as a way for the beneficiaries of racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, and so on (e.g. straight white males) to signal that they’re on the same side as ‘oppressed’ minorities in spite of their ‘white privilege’.

In a seminal essay by a Californian consultant called Frances E. Kendall entitled ‘How to Be an Ally If You Are a Person With Privilege’, often cited by diversity and inclusion officers at American universities, allies are advised to preface what they say with, ‘As a white person…’ This is to let others know you’re aware that ‘being white has an impact on how I perceive everything’.

A good ally speaks up if there are no ‘women of colour’ on a panel and ‘identifying committees, decision-making teams and departments that are “too white”’.

This madness, which long ago infected university campuses, is now seeping into HR departments of large employers. The result is the rise of the woke corporation, and it might affect the way you work.

Certainly, no one should assume that their own company, however sensible-seeming, is immune.

Crackpot ideas that used to be confined to neo-Marxist professors in grievance studies departments have been enthusiastically embraced by the giants of capitalism.

Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Coca-Cola are all on board and anyone who publicly challenges this new orthodoxy is not merely endangering their chances of promotion, but at risk of being fired.

The final frontier in the culture war has been breached. It’s true of America and it’s true here: we’re all ‘allies’ now".

Senator Bernardi has told Sky News, these days, facts don't seem to matter anymore and the only thing which does seems to matter, is irrelevant identity politics.

To read Toby's full article, click here.

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