The virtues of vaping: Bernardi

October 31, 2018

Vaping retailers in South Australia are planning moves interstate or overseas as tough new laws governing the sale of e-cigarettes are set to overhaul the industry. Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi, supports the legalisation of vaping which the Royal College of Physicians in the UK has found presents only 5 per cent of the health risks of smoking.

New Zealand legalised e-cigarettes this year following the publication of a paper in the Internal Medical Journal of the Royal Australian College of Physicians which supported the sale of e-cigarettes.

The Advertiser reports, the bill, which is expected to be approved by the South Australian parliament by the end of the year, introduces the same rules around vaping as the tobacco industry.

Savvas Dimitriou, managing director of Vapoureyes — Australia’s largest vaping business — says he will likely need to move the business, which employs about 25 people in Adelaide, to either the Northern Territory or Victoria once the legislation takes effect.

Mr Dimitriou said no other Australian states had banned online sales and the move would decimate the local industry and force many former smokers who had used e-cigarettes to kick their habit, to go back to tobacco.

“It really is just absolutely insane,” he said. “So many people are afraid that they’ll take up smoking again.”

Under the changes, online sales would be banned and retailers would no longer be able to promote, advertise, display, demonstrate or give away their products.

Vaping will also be banned in outdoor dining areas, in cars with children present.

Many sellers agree with some of the proposals, including banning sales to children, but say stopping online orders will have a huge impact on business.

Jacqui Munn, who owns The Vape Store at Goodwood and Holden Hill, makes the majority of her sales online. She has started a vape business in New Zealand and said she was considering moving her SA operations there too.

“I can’t imagine that we could survive — at least we’d have to downsize, which would mean we’d have to lay off staff,” Ms Munn said.

Senator Bernardi has told David Bevan on ABC Radio Adelaide, given the medical evidence that it helps people give up smoking cigarettes, he's surprised there is so much resistance to it.

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