The toxic masculinity straw man

January 24, 2019

Conservative Party South Australian Senate candidate Rikki Lambert answers the politically correct toxic masculinity alarmists:

The straw man of ‘toxic masculinity’ is stuffed with an ideological loathing that has a problem with masculinity itself.

Are there debates about toxic femininity?

If it’s good for the gander, it’s good for the goose.

Do we next debate toxic science, toxic psychology, toxic entertainment culture or toxic journalism?  

A quick blind-spot check for the ‘opinion leaders’: is it ‘toxic’ masculinity for a husband to insist his wife wear a burqa to stop her being seen in public? Didn’t think so.

As an expert on masculinity – as I have been a male my entire life, a grandson, son and father to four boys – I call out social engineers and marketing executives that come up with ads like Gillette’s stinker. They occupy a bubble of groupthink and political correctness. 

Out in the real world, many men and the older generation wonder what the hell is going on. A young man sees a woman he likes and wants to follow her, maybe to ask for her phone number. That’s how some of our parents or grandparents met, and their marriages endured for decades.

Yet that’s ‘not cool’ according to Gillette and the toxic emasculators. Meanwhile the Gillette hypocrites charge women more for the same razor because it’s pink, but I digress.

The majority of boys and men naturally gravitate to certain physical activities like wrestling on the lawn, it isn’t ‘toxic’. Fidgety or loud boys need an outlet to expend their energy, not to be shut in a ‘toxic masculinity’ box.

The opposite of ‘toxic’ masculinity looks more effeminate and at odds with natural instincts. At the dystopian future burning of the toxic masculine books, which will go first? The Dangerous Book for Boys? James Bond films? Comic books? Historical editions of the Advertiser? The Bible?

Whither chivalry? Men of bygone eras and, I hope, today, would call out during emergencies ‘women and children first’.

Can you imagine a radical screaming at these heroes about their male privilege, demanding they stop being a ‘white male saviour’, and insist the blokes go first?

Men wonder if they should hold a door for a lady, or give up their seat for them. Are ladies – and gentlemen – a dying breed? Is being a gentleman ‘toxic masculinity’ or ‘male privilege’? - or would women appreciate a few more gentlemen in the world?

As with many other socialist experiments with our traditional values, opportunist ideologues like the Greens grab a terrible statistic or tragedy and point to their hobby horse as the cause.

Life, psychology and masculinity are far more complex. By the incremental, common sense change that conservatives support, we now talk more about personal tragedies and dark thoughts that effect men and women.

A growing number of sporting clubs and men’s sheds encourage participants to talk about their troubles, and take a stand against violence because their supporters expect it.

By all means, let’s keep talking, but let’s also fearlessly call out the social mad scientists who get their headline but are long gone when the chickens come home to roost.

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