The Team

Senator Cory Bernardi – Senator for South Australia

Cory has been a leading conservative voice in Australia’s Parliament since 2006.

He has been a consistent and principled advocate in the application of conservative principles to the challenges facing the nation.

Despite persistent opposition and often strident attacks, he has never wavered from his commitment to limited government, lower taxes, personal responsibility, freedom of speech and traditional values.

Cory has been influential in shaping public debates including reform of Section 18C of the racial Discrimination Act, bringing common sense to climate change hysteria, defending Australia’s culture and ensuring Australian schools are places of learning and not indoctrination.

Before entering politics, Cory was a World Championship Australian Rowing Team member, a publican, financial markets trader and a venture capital entrepreneur. He is the author of seven books (including two children’s books) and is married with two sons.

His parliamentary record shows that he has always put principle above politics, and conviction above his own career.