The problem with our politics

January 17, 2019

Why should you vote for the Conservative Party in the Senate at the next federal election? It's simple. Because its aspirations are above party politics are are actually in the best interests of the Australian people.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi says the Australian Conservatives have the right policy approach for Australia because they're consistent and they're principled.

Where we are disadvantaged, as a minor party, is that we don't have the funding of Labor or the Liberals or the Greens. We don't have the deep pockets and high profile of some of the alternative leaders that market their personalities above their politics.

But ultimately Australians deserve better than what we've been dished up and the only way you can deliver that, is through the Senate.

Because, however you cut it, either Liberal or Labor are going to run the country, as a government, possibly with the help of some independents in the House of Representatives.

It's only in the Senate that we actually can make a meaningful difference in shaping legislation so that it acts for the welfare and benefit of all Australians, rather than just a few.

We have to get past this cult of personality and start looking at the substantive issues.

The Conservative Party has been consistently ahead of the pack.

Party leader Cory Bernardi said we needed to burst the Canberra Bubble two years ago, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison only recently adopted that. 

Senator Bernardi has talked about immigration for a very long time. About culture and identity and the importance of that. About electricity prices and the merits of opening ourselves up to the benefits of nuclear power and not pursuing this pointless green dream.  About the need for a Royal Commission into Chinese Communist Party influence in Australian politics and another into corruption in the Murray-Darling Basin. 

But the Conservatives can take no comfort from the fact that we were right in calling out all these things that need to be addressed because both Labor and the Liberals have not confronted them and the country suffers as a result.

So we need more people of principle, more people of conviction that are not going to get carried away with the whims of the press gallery, or the pressures of opportunism.

That’s why, when you vote at this year’s federal election, bring back common sense and vote 1 for the Australian Conservatives in the Senate.

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