'Voluntary Assisted Dying' Bill Passes Legislative Assembly

October 20, 2017

The misnamed Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017, which seeks to legalise assisted suicide and euthanasia passed the Legislative Assembly early this morning by 47 votes to 37, after a marathon 25 hour session.

Six Labor Party members spoke powerfully against the Andrews government and its reckless scheme of government approved suicide permits for some Victorians. These six members courageously exercised their conscience vote by crossing the floor.

This would have been sufficient to defeat the Bill.

However, six Coalition members voted with the Andrews government suicide Bill and a seventh left the chamber moments prior to the vote not to return.

On Wednesday, the Deputy Premier James Merlino moved a Reasoned Amendment that would have killed off the bill. In what could only be termed political suicide, five members of the Coalition voted against this with a result of 47-39. The Coalition, in what can only be termed political suicide, missed a chance to send the Andrews Government into disarray with their own deputy bringing down the premier’s bill.

Australian Conservatives founder Senator Cory Bernardi has said that "The profound disappointment for those who care about life is compounded by the facilitation of this dangerous Bill by Liberal MPs. It’s increasingly clear that conservatives in Victoria only have one credible and principled alternative to support in future elections - Australian Conservatives.”

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