The Last Red Tape Repeal Day

November 12, 2018

On 12 November 2015, Australia had its fourth and last in a regrettably short lived surge of Red Tape Repeal Days.

This important, liberating and prosperity-enhancing initiative by the Abbott Coalition Government – one of its key 2013 election commitments – aimed to cut $1 billion in red and green tape costs to our economy each year, in perpetuity, and comfortably exceeded its targets in the early years.

The first Red Tape Repeal Day was on 26 March 2014. Every half year (in Spring and Autumn), the Coalition Government admirably dedicated a day in Parliament to announce firm measures it was taking to remove red and green tape burdens on Australians that were unnecessarily stifling our economy, businesses, development and lives.

However, when Malcolm Turnbull knifed Mr Abbott as PM in September 2015, he let the fast-approaching next Red Tape Repeal Day, with its associated deregulation measures, run its course. Turnbull then effectively consigned the Coalition government’s briefly-held practice, focus and ethos of deregulation to the dustbin of history.

This change in attitude became obvious when the next Red Tape Repeal Day in Parliament fell due in Autumn 2016. Instead of having a fifth day of repeal, the Turnbull Government only issued an announcement and report on deregulation. Whilst the government had commendably reduced the regulatory burden on Australians by $4.8 billion over two years – well in excess of its $1 billion per year target – it was made clear that this signature initiative of Mr Abbott had was effectively accomplished and need never be discussed again.

Mark/commiserate this anniversary of the last Red Tape Repeal Day by:

  • reminding yourself of the Abbott Coalition’s pledge from opposition (July 2013) to regularly hack into red and green tape as well as its first Red Tape Repeal Day (March 2014)
  • writing to your local newspaper or contacting candidates in the next council, state or federal election about an area of red or green tape that frustrates your family or business 
  • emailing the Jobs and Small Business Department to tell them where they can reform regulation and cut unnecessary and costly red tape, as well as the responsible ministers
  • next time you are talking to someone in business or a community organisation, asking them where they'd love to get rid of red or green tape – and let us know!
  • apprising yourself of Conservative Party policies and principles around deregulation, lower taxation and smaller government and ensuring we get more numbers in the Australian Senate to help reverse the tide of burgeoning government and regulation, and/or
  • sharing this Action Plan post on social media with family, friends, conservatives, classical liberals and those willing to resist the creeping tide of government scale, scope and reach.

Watch below: Conservative Party leader and senator Cory Bernardi speaking on the short-lived history of Red Tape Repeal Days

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