The fix is in: Bernardi

May 04, 2018

Australian Conservatives founder Senator Cory Bernardi has warned the fix is in, with news today that big business, big unions and big government all agree on a big Australia.

Senator Bernardi says with that news, you know the rest of us are in big trouble and will end up paying a big price.

The Australian reports, big business has joined forces with the ACTU in an unprecedented compact calling on the federal government to maintain current levels of permanent migration amid calls for the rate to be cut.

The historic coalition of peak unions, employer groups and the ethnic lobby have released a united policy document today warning of the economic and social consequences of dropping the annual migration rate.

The Australian has incorrectly credited the current debate on immigration to Tony Abbott for calling for a reduction in immigration numbers in February this year, reporting:

“The issue has divided government ranks, with cabinet ministers publicly at odds with each other over whether the annual intake should be reduced as first proposed by former prime minister Tony Abbott”

Yet in February last year (2017), when launching the Australian Conservatives, Senator Bernardi called for the immigration intake to be halved.

Today's commentary proves, yet again, the Better Way that Australian Conservatives offers - making the case so others can follow.

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