The Don's 11 hitting migration compact for six

December 10, 2018

US President Donald Trump led the world in pulling out of the United Nation's Global Migration pact more than a year ago.

The Conservative Party has been calling for Australia to follow suit and collected a mountain of signatures demanding the government act. To its credit, the Morrison government announced Australia's withdrawal late last month.

That placed Australia 7th out of eleven nations (to date) that have refused to sign up to what, in effect, would be an agreement to open our borders to all nationalities with the UN attempting to implement a global "right to migration".

Since President Trump announced the US was pulling out, a cascade of nations have followed suit with Austria, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Israel, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, The Dominican Republic and Chile all joining Australia as non-signatory nations. A batting card of days since withdrawal shows the US' leading role in standing for national sovereignty:

Days since declaring exit from Global Migration Compact:

USA 373
Austria 40
Hungary 34
Czech Republic 27
Israel 20
Poland 20
Australia 19
Slovakia 15
Bulgaria 5
Dominican Republic 5
Chile 1

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that Belgium, Estonia, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland are all still fighting to get the Pact endorsed by their respective parliaments.

Australia's exit improves the chances of Australia retaining its strong border protection policies and frustrates the UN's globalist agenda. Hungary said it preferred that assistance be directed to 'where the trouble is, and people in need must be given support to enable them to remain as close as possible to their homes, and return home at the earliest opportunity' and did not support the exchange of populations between continents, because it leads to the development of parallel societies and increases the threat of terrorism. 

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