The battle for common sense has begun!

April 11, 2019

Earlier today, the Prime Minister announced the federal election would be held on Saturday 18 May 2019.

Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi said, "For just over two years I have been preparing for this very moment. Together, we built the Conservative Party to Bring Back Common Sense in the Senate, the first battle we must win to stop the rot."

"Our Australian character, values and borders have been undermined, and it has come to this.

Winning votes on the white Senate ballot paper can secure us the high ground, the Senate balance of power. 

Winning a seat in each state's Senate race will change politics overnight.

The national conversation will shift back to common sense - for the better.

Our candidates are first-class: Sophie, Kevin, Lyle, Jonathan, Rikki and Justin are - and will be - capable, excellent, diligent senators. They are hard-working, level-headed, live by their principles and have the courage to stand by their convictions.

Remember, for a moment, the major parties' revolving door of prime ministers.

The loud-mouths and shock jocks that have hogged the limelight over the last decade are not the solution, they are part of the problem. 

Our defence of Australia is rock solid because we apply sound, common sense principle to every topic in politics - reducing immigration, lowering taxes, freeing small business of costs and red tape, protecting retirement savings and stopping political correctness dead in its tracks.

Australia has been undermined, beaten from pillar to post by the socialists, globalists, the Chinese communist government and disciples of the United Nations.

Our flag, our heritage, our values, our faith and freedoms have served us well and will continue to do so - if we prevail on 18 May. 

You can make your stand for your nation, for your family, alongside our senate candidates by volunteering or donating today. 

The clock is now ticking, the clarion call has been sounded.

Now we make our stand.

Take your part, donate today."

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