The advertising thought police are real

August 02, 2018

A politically correct crackdown on comedy and gender roles in commercials has banned portrayals of women tackling housework as well as flustered fathers grappling with childminding duties.

The Conservative Party is strongly opposed to this kind of prescriptive thought-direction and the growing trends to enforce political correctness and stifle free speech.

The Daily Telegraph reports, advertising agencies have been warned they will be reprimanded for “discrimination or vilification” if they show “a woman has sole responsibility for cleaning” or a suggest a father is bad at parenting.

The “Code of Ethics” changes introduced by Australian Association of Nat­ional Advertisers (ANNA) has introduced the restrictions to prevent what it has labelled the spread of negative gender stereotypes.

The Ads Standards Community Panel — which assesses whether complaints breach the rules — forced UltraTune Australia last month to modify an advert to make female drivers appear more “confident” and less “unintelligent”.

In that case the panel complained the female actors depicting a scene in which their car broke down at a railway crossing as a train hurtled towards them reinforced a “negative depiction of women” being helpless.

The company was forced to amend the ad to make the women look powerful and decisive before the complaint was formally dismissed.

The AANA also released a statement saying the new gender rules would prevent advertisers and agencies from “unwittingly” reinforcing negative stereotypes.

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