The ABC's climate agenda

February 15, 2019

The Conservative Party's WA Senate candidate Peter Castieau (pictured) writes:

During the same sex marriage debate the ABC warned their staff to be careful in commenting on the policy as the ABC "does not have a position on this issue".

However when it comes to climate change the ABC clearly has a "position" as is demonstrated almost every day on almost all of their platforms.

Just last week on ABC Newsradio:

  • Tuesday: Himilayan Glaciers will melt drowning all those below.
  • Wednesday: Climate Council warns weather events will be more extreme
  • Thursday: World Meteorlogical Organization: warnings about temp increases and ice melts
  • Friday: Tuvalu worried about climate change

And so it went on and on. These stories were run during the early morning period and repeated every 15 minutes in the headlines. Actual scientific studies were sighted but no contrary view was heard with platitudes and alarmist warnings about temp increases and extreme weather clearly the narrative. The fact that extreme climate events are on the decline and the island of Tuvalu is increasing in size were not mentioned.

In contrast, the commercial AM station I listen to at work, made no mention of any of these stories. In fact the newspaper I read and all of the free to air and pay TV stations I watch, all made no mention of these climate change "news" stories.

It would also seem if you are wanting to get elected to parliament, just present to the ABC as an Independent running for a currently Liberal held safe seat and mention that climate change is a big policy issue and you are almost guaranteed to get huge coverage from Australia's biggest media outlet. 

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