The ABC of bad faith

August 30, 2018

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has slammed ABC "comedians" as “numpties” for mocking his Christian faith in a satirical music segment. Mr Morrison saying his faith taught him to “turn the other cheek” when under fire.

Conservative Party spokesman and Queensland senate candidate Lyle Shelton tweeted "By all means critique someone’s policies, but this is low. These ABC people are quick to cry “bigotry” but don’t recognise their own. They would never do this to a Muslim (nor should they), but it is open season on Christians!"

The Daily Telegraph reports, speaking to reporters this morning, the Prime Minister said he didn’t watch the musical segment on Tom Ballard’s Tonightly, which is in its final season after being axed because of poor ratings.

“The ABC can be numpties every now and then. I’m the Prime Minister and I work for all Australians everyday — I’m on their side. I’m about bringing Australians together, not about creating differences and pushing them apart.”

Two comedians took aim at Mr Morrison’s Pentecostal Christianity on Monday’s show, singing “you’ve got to love thy neighbour unless they vote Labor or are foreign or gay” and “we love Jesus but not refugees … if Jesus was a refugee we would say f*** off we’re full”.

The last episode of the series will air next week.

To watch the "comedy" sketch in question, click the box below:

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has told Flow FM, the ABC is simply out of control.

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