Teacher skills need improvement: Bernardi

May 02, 2018

The release of the report from the Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools (also known as Gonski 2.0) proves sceptics right, according to Australian Conservatives’ leader Cory Bernardi.

Coalition backbencher Dr Andrew Laming has weighed-in on the Gonski 2.0 review, accusing David Gonski of ignoring the issue of teachers’ formal and informal working arrangements.

Dr Laming says teachers’ hours should reflect those of the majority of Australian workers, “Teaching needs to operate like other jobs, with the same hours, days and weeks as the rest of the economy, rather than cluttered school hours where there is little beyond the face-to-face time,” he told Fairfax Media.

And although some teachers put in many additional hours outside of the classroom to attend to marking and lesson planning, the jury was still out on whether this made a difference to the quality of teaching, Laming said.

“This is completely unquantified, invisible time. There is just no evidence that the work they are doing at home makes any difference, and there’s no evidence that what they do at home is actually where you’d want a teacher focusing their efforts.”

The Queensland MP accused Gonski of “skirting” workplace issues with “soothing words” designed to avoid a battle with teachers’ unions and keep stakeholders at the table.

Senator Bernardi has told ABC Radio Adelaide when it was suggested teachers need to be given more money and respect, he said to be effective in their job they first need to improve their skills.

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