Tasmanian Birth Certificate changes go too far: Frame

April 02, 2019

Tasmanian Conservative Party Senate Candidate Nigel Frame spoke today in the Tasmanian Parliament Garden on changes to the law relating to Tasmanian Birth Certificates:

"The Australian Conservatives are here representing the more than seventy five per cent of Tasmanians who object to amendments to the Justice and Related Legislation (Marriage Amendments) Bill.

The initial Bill, introduced by the elected government of Tasmania was an amendment to the Marriage Act. Tasmanian Law forced an adult who wanted to change their gender, who was married, to get a divorce. This was clearly against the intention of the Federal Same-Sex Marriage (SSM) amendment, and importantly it involved the relationship between two adult Australians, the very essence of the intention of the SSM amendment intent was affected, so sensible amendments were necessary.

Then the Green in the Lower House showed exactly the control over Labor that they truly have.

This is a lesson for the nation. Labor is joined to the Greens in such a way that Labor is forced to support the Greens' agenda, even when it is not mentioned at elections.

Green policy is Labor policy. With the help of a Liberal traitor, this group that defies the democratic process, high-jacked a sensible, necessary, amendment and made it ridiculous. They have intentionally created divisions in Tasmania that the work of advocates such as Rodney Croome had served to heal.

This group has shown the danger of a Labor-led government held under the control of the Greens’ agenda. Nothing that is insane and anti-Tasmanian and indeed anti-Australian is beyond them.

They betray the majority in this country who voted ‘Yes’ and then give impetus to individuals like Senator Anning who wants to repeal the SSM change.

Australians start to regret their vote when ‘no consequences’ is high-jacked to ‘we will change laws that have nothing to do with adults.’

The Greens led, Labor and traitor Liberal anti-democratic group started an attack on children, when SSM was about adult choice.

Their changes to the proposed Law show they actually want to cause division to arise in this country again. A division that was closing with the passing of SSM.

Their intent to incite division is matched by their arrogance and ignorance when it comes to basic science.

At birth children can only be determined based on sex. Gender expression comes later.

Indeed the small group of intersex Australians born each year are insulted by this bill, by confusing their status with gender dysphoria.

Even when this group had an opportunity to assist advance in society, rather than causing division they just go for anti-democratic driven division. A simple opt-out option for intersex infants would have allowed those people to later choose their own future rather than what has been the process up until now!

When asked why gender should override sex the proponents of this bill argue that “we should cater for the small group that have gender dysphoria.”

Well, at birth gender dysphoria is not an issue, biological sex is the only determinant. This proposed law amendment effectively says that for 50 people in this state more than 500,000 need to stand aside.

And remember that 50 is adults, not infants at birth. What other laws should be amended for 50 in 500,000? Aren’t drink driving laws bad for those still capable at .05? No because reviewing that law based on a few biological exceptions would be ridiculous, just like this law is.

Remember too that the Greens, the Greens controlled Labor, traitor Liberal anti-democracy group and now independents in the Upper House don’t want to have their amendments reviewed.

What complications are they trying to hide?

Why isn’t a Parliamentary Inquiry or the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute allowed to be involved in assessing this amendment?

Law introduced under normal circumstances where extremist Greens agenda is not being followed are often subject to review.

Why does this Law, especially since it was introduced in a highly undemocratic fashion not require review? What is truly happening? If the duly elected government actually refused any scrutiny of their laws this is the very group that would scream that the government is controlled by extremists.

We do know of several of the complications that come from the amendments that are disastrous, so what else is not to be known until the damage is done?

We know that compelled speech is intended. People who do not identify an individual as the individual wishes will be guilty of a crime. If that’s the case the day this law is signed by the governor we will have no more Women’s shelters!

What will happen when an individual turns up at a Women’s Shelter and claims they identify as a women and want to talk to a particular woman at the shelter? Shelter management will be forced to open the door, or face the full force of the law.

Think this sort of thing is impossible? Remember what happened what has just happened in Canada. Women’s groups in Tasmania are already saying this amendment places them and children at risk in many ways, yet the Green controlled group don’t care about women’s or anyone else’s safety.

This Law also seeks to impose adult choices on children. Given this undemocratic gang don’t seem to grasp the concept of gender dysphoria perhaps the words of John Whitehall, an Australian gender confusion specialist will help educate them.

He states that:

“Up to 90% of children who question their sexual identity will orient to their natural sex by puberty.”

So any law that serves to normalise gender dysphoria in children to the extent that hormonal or surgical intervention is possible is actually a form of child abuse.

We don’t allow children to do many things for their own protection, yet intervention in terms of permanent changes to a child, 90% of which will regret it is supported? The child abuse doesn’t stop there though. If we have a generation of children not correctly identified based on sex legally in Tasmania there is a risk of imposing a form of legal gender dysphoria on children. The child may identify as male or female, be male based on actual sex, but legally has no status. The government itself is risking child abuse. This Greens-controlled undemocratic gang’s proposal of opt-in flies in the face of logic and care for the majority of the community.

This anti-Tasmanian group want us to be a laughing stock across the country. According to their concept of science, men are able to get pregnant. We know that the Greens don’t care about scientific facts but this paints every Labor supporter as deluded. What a disgraceful situation.

This Greens dominated undemocratic gang watched the Life of Brian and thought it was a documentary, not a comedy. They are wanting the rest of the country to see us as the Life of Brian state. So, not only are they setting up abuse of children, risking the safety of women they want us to be the laughing stock of the nation. A Greens-controlled Labor pseudo-government, setting up the State for chaos. A lesson for the rest of the nation.

Worse still, this Greens-controlled Labor group don’t even care about costs.

If it is signed into law, the government will be forced to mount defences in Tasmania as the law's ramifications are examined by judges, instead of before it is introduced by a Parliamentary Inquiry and/or the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute.

The costs because of this high-jack of democracy, when the actual Tasmanian Government is neglecting its public service, because it argues it can’t afford a pay rise, will be enormous.

I am a former Public Servant in the Tasmanian Health Care Service. I know how hard my colleges work each day for the benefit of this State. I want to see my Public Service colleges receive a reasonable pay rise. This kind of potential financial disaster cannot be allowed. If this Law passes the Tasmanian Government won’t be able to do anything, they will be mired in legal and financial consequence for years to come. Perhaps that is the ultimate intent of these amendments, to make this State ungovernable!

And even if it gets past State Law Courts what about the Constitutional issues? Any changes to Laws that cross State boundaries can and will be examined in the High Court. The financial chaos caused by the amendments to the Justice and Related Legislation (Marriage Amendments) Bill 2018 will only add to the social chaos that ensues.

This Greens control, non-democratic, attempt to high-jack the State must not be allowed to proceed. We, the Australian Conservatives call on the Legislative Council to stop this ridiculous Bill and send it for review.

The State and the Commonwealth cannot afford the chaos of having the Greens dictating the Labor policy agenda. Bring back Common Sense and allow reasonable review of this proposed change before we dive into the utter chaos offered of child abuse, safety issues and immense cost."

Last October, Conservative Part leader Cory Bernardi told ABC Radio the whole thrust of the Left to try to abolish gender ignores common sense and reality.

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