Strategy: to make regions prosper

March 08, 2018

Australian Conservatives candidate for Schubert Rikki Lambert wants to bring the Schubert electorate into Australian Conservatives hands to bring success to regional communities.

“The Barossa Valley region is a national leader in converting primary production into global top quality produce. We can replicate this success for all of our regions,” Mr Lambert told the Stock Journal.

“Showcasing Schubert as a Conservative seat on the crossbench will gain the regional recognition we deserve.”

Mr Lambert wants to address private land rights, and is in full support of Right to Farm legislation.

He said energy costs were too high and renewable energy should not come at the sacrifice of natural landscapes, for example the Keyneton Wind Farm.

Mr Lambert answered a series of questions put to him this week by the Stock Journal:

What do you see as the major issue affecting SA agriculture and how would you rectify this?

“One thing that I learned working in state politics alongside Robert Brokenshire was just how disinterested the Labor government is in the agriculture sector and that is reflected in how little investment or protections it gives the industry. We must invest in PIRSA and it must work together with farmers. Money has to go towards agricultural research and development to grow agriculture so that we can feed our community, grow jobs and invest in our future.”

What are your views on allowing mining on prime farming land in your electorate?

The Australian Conservatives recently announced their plan to protect arable farming and grazing land by amending the new mining act when it is brought to the Upper House after the election. This amendment would make our arable farm land a no-go zone for open cut mining practices.”

To see the Australian Conservatives’ 2018 Election Plan for South Australia, click here.


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