Steve Busch


Qantas Captain (Retired)
Local Campaign Organiser Bennelong Electorate (Coalition for Marriage)
Campaign Volunteer (Australian Conservatives, Bennelong)

STEVE BUSCH dedicated 26 years as a Captain with Qantas. During his tenure, he was a very popular and respected member of the team. His capabilities and strengths lie in his very personable character, his easy communication style and his genuine interest in people. Steve has an ability to be able to gain respect from all echelons of society, founded in his strong personal convictions, which stem from his Christian faith.

In 2017 he lead the local Electorate of Bennelong in the Marriage Campaign, motivating and coordinating volunteers on a daily basis. The result was a win. At the conclusion of this event and battle ready, he then immersed himself in the Australian Conservatives Party, seeing that through their common sense policies, this was providing a Better Way for the future of all Australians.

Steve Busch is an articulate orator, motivated and self driven, with a deep compassion and love for his fellow man with enthusiasm to serve this great nation Australia, in any way he can.

He is married to Kathryn with four children ranging nine to 23 years old. He has lived in the Local Area for 30 years.

“Steve is a safe pair of hands to steer the ship safely home.”


1. Affordable Stable Power Source without preferential subsidies, abandon the Paris Accord, encourage Enterprise in Clean Coal Power and/or Nuclear Power.
2. Reduce non Essential Government costs, begin concerted effort to reduce Debt.
3. Stop the Indoctrination of our children in Schools and Universities from Marxist Ideology and sexualisation of under age kids.

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