State wards run wild as SA government buries head in the sand

January 23, 2018

The growing number of children in South Australia who are wards of the state and run away from state-run homes - or who ignore curfews and roam the streets at night - continues because the government has ignored recommendations to provide secure facilities.

Australian Conservatives MLC Robert Brokenshire says  part of the problem is that the left of politics is in control of the SA Labor Party and the ideology of the left is towards “political correctness” which means everyone is expected to put up with bad behaviour.

“There have been five judicial inquiries into young people in this state over the past 16 years yet the government still refuses to provide the necessary secure accommodation that has been recommended to keep these kids off the street and safe,” he told radio station FIVEaa.

Mr Brokenshire said the problem was not new to him or fellow Australian Conservatives MLC Dennis Hood.

“We have raised the issue on many occasions. We have moved and sat on select committees looking at how the government runs the child protection system and what we see is a government that throws money at a problem but doesn’t implement the recommendations that don’t suit its philosophies and the problem just grows worse.”

“It’s quite sad frankly. The reality is that for many of these kids, this is the last opportunity to nip problem behaviour in the bud and stop them going down a negative path. And unless they are dealt with appropriately now, the rest of the community will be left to cope with and pay for their behaviour for the rest of their lives.”

“There are plenty of people out there that have been brought up in dysfunctional families that end up being model citizens and strong contributors to society because someone simply took time to care.”

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