Stacey Mitchell

I’m delighted to seek your nomination to the NSW Legislative Assembly to represent the Australian Conservatives and the people of Pittwater. 

After many approaches by other AC members, and following much deliberation and discussion with my family I felt it was important to step forward. 

First and foremost, I am a daughter, a wife to Rob, and a working mum with two sons; Harrison (six) and Hudson (22 months).  I have lived on the northern beaches of Sydney since I was four years old and I care deeply for my community, my country and my home.

Professional life

For the past twenty years (following my two year stint as a political staffer for The Hon. Bronwyn Bishop MP when The Hon. John Howard MP came to power) I went on to hold senior marketing management postings within financial services across Australia (Commonwealth Bank, IOOF) before relocating to London in 2004 to Head up the Marketing for HSBC’s Cash Management division (across UK, Europe & Middle East), followed by a Media Management role with VISA Europe in 2008. 

In this same year I met my husband and we returned to Australia, back to my home on Sydney’s northern beaches in 2011.

In 2014 my husband became an Australian citizen.   Within this time, back in Australia I took time out from my career to start our family.

In 2013 I returned to work heading up the marketing again but in a different industry for Jasol (a Chemical Manufacturer – also a division of George Weston Foods) before changing roles in 2018 to another management function as Group Marketing Manager for Grace Worldwide (Grace Removals and Information Management) located at Seven Hills.

Community Achievements

2013 I was asked to volunteer some time and join the Executive Committee based on my "local relationships" for “Fight on the Beaches” Charity established by a group of local mum's whom have all been touched by Cancer,  in the capacity of Sponsorship Manager.

We raised over $1 million for Cancer Research. The Hon. Bronwyn Bishop MP was our Patron and she also announced our Charity achievements during Federal Parliament in December 2014.  In January 2015 I was given an Australia Day Award following the achievements of the Charity.

In 2018 I developed a new Charity, YOUth OK with my son’s local Rugby Union President David Hawkins, to raise awareness and funds to prevent further youth suicide on the northern beaches which has spiked over the past five years.  

Our teenagers are suffering in silence.  Father Chris Riley has made amazing strides and attended our launch locally whereby we started our bid to raise $1 million to fund a walk in centre for our kids to feel comfortable, to find solace, support and a safe house to choose life over death.

During this time I also accepted a nomination from our newly formed Northern Beaches Council to sit on one of their Strategic Partnership Reference Group’s to develop stronger ties with the community and shape what the future holds for the next decade.

I hold a Justice of the Peace Licence having gained this in 1996 which I utilise throughout my community and am vocal and engaged in many local groups having attended many progress association meetings up and down the peninsula and hold membership to the following: 

Warriewood Surf Life Saving Club,
Pittwater Rugby Club (whereby I manage communication)
Pittwater RSL Club
Northern Beaches Rotary
Australian Turf Club
Northern Beaches Conservative Forum (currently working on this).
Convenor, Mackellar / Pittwater AC

What I would bring to the NSW Parliament:

I feel politics has become too personality and faction focused and our major Parties are confused and unclear about what they stand for.

There is now little to differentiate them;

They are too ready to hand over our sovereignty to the United Nations;

They fail to stand up for our freedoms of speech and resent our constructive criticisms, using Political Correctness to shut down debate;

They are too ready to cave in to fringe lobby groups with extreme views, and ignore the wishes of the silent hard working, taxpaying majority;

They have been too ready to tax citizens and industry to subsidise renewable energy at the cost of billions every year to householders and the loss of many more billions in job creating businesses which have had to shift overseas; 

They have been more focused on filling our suburbs with migrants while ignoring the need for a matching growth in infrastructure, leading to chaos and cramming;   

Voters are only of interest to them just before an election.

Prior to the last federal election, I resigned from the Liberal Party and withdrew my vote because I felt the candidate choice we faced had totally sold out the interests of the voters of Mackellar.

If you are like me, you fear for a country that has so much promise but too often fails to capitalise on it due to inward looking factionalisation, rather than voter-centred common sense. 

I pledge to be your voice, on these and other issues and hold the Government to account.

I will question unsound policies that are dishonouring our values and our heritage, or where they attempt to replace them with left wing lunacy, as has become their tendency.

I will stand up strongly for the family unit, and overcome the neglect it has too often suffered. I want to restore the safety and security we and our children once enjoyed.

I do not want to see NSW suffer what is occurring in Victoria, where gang attacks and victimisation of main stream people, replace safe streets; and where political ideology has replaced teaching of traditional subjects in schools and universities. 

Gender identity has now turned its focus on women, (new mothers) with yet another “new” study that says “calling breastfeeding natural is unethical because it enforces gender roles”!  

I would like to see better chances for our kids to enjoy the outdoor freedoms and healthy exercise and games and physical activities, instead of an excessive focus in the digital age where the fundamental basics of being ‘a child’ are being discouraged.

It was because these core values are being tested at every turn, that I resigned from being a member of the Liberal Party and became a founding member of the Australian Conservatives.

I want to see a return to courage of conviction, strength of leadership, sound principles and the common sense that has been lacking in our political parties of today.  Key areas I would focus on for Pittwater and for NSW:

1.  Save Mona Vale Hospital; with the NSW Government recently announcing millions to renovated Liverpool/Lidcombe Public Hospital why could this not be the case for Mona Vale Hospital?  For decades our hospital has serviced the peninsula, from Dee Why to Palm Beach.  To provide a new hospital at Frenchs Forest directly impacts the people on the beaches;  we're told we have amazing paramedics, but we have no around-the-clock working ambulance stations north of Narrabeen.   Narrabeen to Palm Beach (around the Bends) to save a life can take 40 mins.  It's not good enough.  We have a population in Pittwater of 53,000 - and a distance too great to save a life when our local would be just perfect.  Mona Vale Hospital needs to be retained as a Level 3 Public Hospital.  If elected Australian Conservatives will call for a royal commission into our health system and creating a new hospital (now sold to o/s investor).

2.  De-merge Pittwater Council.   The community spoke when it was feared we would be amalgamated, 89% of residents voted to retain Pittwater Council, but the Liberal Government ignored our plight.  Our Northern Beaches Council is now the size of two federal seats having combined three councils into one.   LEP's do not apply in Pittwater the same as they may in Manly or Warringah.  Rates were supposed to decrease (they didn't) and services were supposed to be streamlined, they aren't.   We need our Council back. 

3.  Local Infrastructure - we need an immediate halt to increasing our population until our infrastructure catches up, and then we need a reduction in any increase.  Immigration levels are too high and it's not appropriate that Pittwater should get a large share of migrants. Labor want to increase the population on the northern beaches, the Liberals are doing deals with developers and we, the residents are losing out.  We are in a traffic nightmare every day of our lives, getting our kids to school, to sport on weekends takes at times, three times as long as it should.  We need infrastructure to cater to our needs, our school's are full and yet the Liberals are still clearing land and popping in more housing / more cars / we need a STOP now.

For NSW we need:

1. NSW Planning

Today, we face uncertainty.

Under the major parties, the cost of living in NSW is at an all time high, and yet we stare down the threat of more and more housing, without the infrastructure to support such “plans” –

I do not agree with the “pack them and stack them” philosophy. 

For me, Australia is about a sense of space, playing fields for our kids within a community. 

I fear that this NSW State Govt is looking to increase our footprint but without review or discussion about our outdated supporting infrastructure.  We need a voice of reason.  

In my local area we’re seeing more and more high rise, more tiny housing plots with “mcmansions” on every corner, yet our local public school’s are now full, (with de-mountables sitting in the playground with no air conditioning) but we keep clearing land for more and more families which means more cars, less roads, and traffic chaos becoming a fact of everyday life along with overcrowded classrooms.   

I am not against progress but NSW families have a voice and are not being heard –  progress needs to planned in accordance with the principle that traditional standards must be maintained.

2. Education

I’m disturbed at the demise of public education under the NSW Liberal’s, for instance the recent Minister for Education called for private schools to share their sporting fields with public schools, and the hypocrisy, on his watch, sold off Meadowbank Primary School with its sports field for housing and is now moving the school to the grounds of Moorebank TAFE.  

Then of course there is the very real threat of the safe schools program entering our education system.  This lobby group is now gaining momentum to overturn Liberal Conservative politicians in the hope to remove any voices in opposition.   With an education system that is already below average and falling further and further behind other countries, being ranked 21st in the world, this is unacceptable. Why must we force school children to focus on adult issues within their school curriculum? Why must we force school children to debate non-traditional gender issues?  

3. Over Governed

I want to see a review of local government, many forced local area amalgamations were supposed to bring financial relief, instead it’s quite the opposite. As a nation with 25 million people we are over-governed particularly when local councils call for the cancellation of such national holiday’s as Australia Day.

In closing, I am someone who loves people, loves hearing their plight and am always trying to make things better.  I don’t want to make a difference but be the difference.  We need strong voices to be counted and represent the Australian Conservatives – only change and utter determination can get this State, this Country on the path to greatness leaving the current Governing Parties fighting over their lunch money, whilst we, force them to think about the real issues, the truth and plain old common sense!

I would appreciate your vote to be the difference for Pittwater, alone I can do very little, but together we can achieve a lot!

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