South Africa may take their land - we should welcome them here

August 02, 2018

South Africa's ruling African National Congress is pushing ahead with plans to amend the constitution to allow for expropriation, the taking of land without compensation from South Africa's white farmers.

The Conservative Party has advocated the granting of special migrant visas to the refugee farmers, who are being persecuted by vigilantes due to their race and property ownership. The humanitarian grounds are augmented by the economic data that shows such migrants are traditionally valuable contributors and participants in Australian society.

Earlier this year Conservative Party leader Senator Cory Bernardi backed Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton's call for special visas to be granted to the persecuted South Africans and was joined by crossbench Senators David Leyonhjelm and Fraser Anning who both moved motions to that effect.

Sadly the Coalition, Labor and the Greens all opposed the motions which were defeated in the Senate.

In March this year, in episode three of his Weekly Dose Of Common Sense podcast, Senator Bernardi said in South Africa, "there are black vigilantes supported by elements of the South African Government with campaign buses running around saying, 'black is right' and, 'give us back our land' and they are targeting white farmers because of their skin colour."

“They are killing them, maiming them, and beating them off their land. These people are now a group that are maliciously targeted simply because of their skin colour. It is out and out racism and too few are prepared to call it for what it is,” he said.

“South Africans have been fantastic contributors to Australia like so many migrant communities. And if they can’t get on with their life safely and their livelihood safely then it’s fitting and proper that we should consider offering them refuge here in Australia,” Senator Bernardi said.

Minister Dutton defended his position on 2GB and says people who are opposed to the proposal mean nothing to him. 

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