Soros' sorrow song of Soviet-style end for EU

February 13, 2019

Open borders billionaire George Soros has penned a rallying cry to big-government lovers, writing in The Guardian about the importance of saving the European Union.

The Australian Conservatives have consistently warned of the need to stop the globalist agenda and the push for centralised, big governments that trample national sovereignty, culture and tradition like the European Union and the United Nations.

The Conservatives have also welcomed and annually commemorates the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom and the opportunities for trade with Australia and within the Commonwealth presented by a potentially newly independent UK.

In advance of May EU elections, Soros rails against the 'antiquated' party system, Brexit, Italy's rediscovery of its sovereignty and Hungary's conservative government in the tirade that drips of socialist and communist sentiment.

In December 2018, Conservative Party senator Cory Bernardi criticised the Australian Labor Party's 'socialist objective' and command-and-control economies such as that of the late Soviet Union that Soros laments.

In November 2017 Senator Bernardi moved to highlight the connection of the Australian-based left-wing activist group GetUp! and the ideology of Soros:

Conservatives have also consistently opposed the open borders agenda advanced by the like of the EU and UN.

In the Guardian tirade, Soros also praises the Greens, saying:

"The situation is far from hopeless. The German Greens have emerged as the only consistently pro-European party in the country, and they continue to rise in opinion polls"

Soros reserves some spite for the modern EU leadership for its mismanagement of the grand socialist open-borders EU project, saying they are reminiscent of the politburu in the dying days of the Soviet Union.

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