Sophie York

I am a conservative Christian dedicated to my family and the future of Australia.

I have been happily married to my husband, Paul, for almost thirty years and am a proud mother of four beautiful children.

I am a barrister, a published author, a university lecturer, a naval officer and a passionate advocate for the many causes that I believe in.

I was a long term member of the Liberal Party but left after it became clear that it had abandoned its conservative foundations.

I decided to join the Australian Conservatives due to the inspiring leadership of Cory Bernardi and the Principles and Policies on which the Party is based.

The wisdom of joining the Australian Conservatives was confirmed during my time volunteering for Kevin Bailey in the recent Batman by-election. He and the many people who supported him in the election are outstanding human beings and I felt honoured to be able to help with the campaign.

I am proud to be a member of the Australian Conservatives and would be honoured to represent you as your Senate candidate.


  • Loving wife and mother of four children – one of my greatest life achievements has been my happy marriage to my husband, Paul, and being able to raise four children to become confident, hard-working and principled members of the community.
  • National Spokeswoman, Marriage Alliance - I played a central role in the campaign to preserve traditional marriage. Marriage Alliance remains a key co-ordinating organisation in that ongoing battle, and is now focussed on preserving religious freedom and other important freedoms (including speech and parental rights).
  • Royal Australian Navy – I have been a Navy legal officer for over 25 years.
  • University lecturer – I have lectured in legal philosophy, international law and international humanitarian law for The University of Sydney, The University of Notre Dame Australia and the Australian Defence Force.
  • Law of Armed Conflict Instructor – I am a Red Cross trained instructor in the Law of Armed Conflict.
  • Mediator – qualified mediator with LEADR (Lawyers for Alternative Dispute Resolution).
  • Published author – I wrote the book ‘Angels of Aceh’ focusing on Operation ‘Tsunami Assist’ which chronicled the Australian relief effort in Banda Aceh after the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004.
  • Barrister – I have been a barrister at the New South Wales Bar since 1995 and have been actively involved in an extensive variety of legal matters since my admission.
  • Extensive community involvement – I have been actively involved in an extensive range of community groups for many decades including Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy, the Institute of Public Affairs, a board member of Campion College, the human rights organisation Benenson Society, the St Thomas More Society (Catholic Lawyers Guild) and Collective Shout, an advocacy group against the sexual exploitation of women and children.

Additional information about my career achievements can be found at http://www.sophieyork.com.au/.


  • Profile as national conservative leader – my role as the National Spokeswoman for Marriage Alliance required me to participate in public debates, television interviews and advocacy work throughout Australia. The role has given me a national profile as a leading conservative public figure in Australia.
  • Excellent public presentation skills – my many public speaking roles, including those as a public advocate for marriage, a barrister and a lecturer, have allowed me to develop excellent presentation and debating skills that are essential in being a successful candidate and parliamentarian.
  • Ability to maintain composure in hostile environments – my central role as one of the national leaders of Marriage Alliance, my work in the military and my career as a barrister have developed my ability to respectfully and effectively promote conservative viewpoints in often hostile environments.
  • Knowledge of Australia’s Constitutional and legal framework – My work as a barrister and a navy lawyer for many years has provided me with the ability to understand the complex legal and policy challenges confronting our parliamentarians and the implications for everyday Australians.
  • Highly energetic and disciplined – I am highly motivated and disciplined individual who is dedicated to helping myself and others achieve their best.
  • Leadership skills - my military and legal training, political engagement and national advocacy work have developed my ability to work effectively both as a leader and as a team member.
  • Respectful towards all people – I am a naturally happy, extroverted and friendly person who is able to get along with everyone I meet and to engage respectfully with people in discussing often controversial topics.
  • Politically experienced – I was a long term member of the Liberal Party holding roles on the leadership committees of the Liberal Party and actively helping many Liberal Party members secure seats in Parliament. This extensive political experience has helped me understand what is involved in winning elections and how to be an effective advocate for conservative causes in Parliament.


I am committed to the Principles and Policies of the Australian Conservatives and will work tirelessly to promote our Party to benefit all Australians and improve our country.

Thank you,

Sophie York.

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