NSW Legislative Council Candidate

Sonia Hibbert

About Me

Coming from a family with many generations on the land, I’ve spent much of my life living between the blessings of rural life and the vibrant offerings of suburbia and the city.

I now live in the state seat of Orange and the federal seat of Calare, on a small farm with my partner and father, close to the popular cold climate wine region of Orange NSW, where we enjoy the best of both worlds.

Small Business

We run a mix of small business enterprises from our property, which we have done since 2008, taking great pride in building up the farm and businesses from scratch.

The Public Sector

The past several years, I have had the privilege of serving the Council and community of Blayney Shire, which neighbours Orange City Council.

Since 2014 to present, I have provided executive support to the Mayor, Councillors, General Manager, State Members and Federal MP’s.

I’ve also been involved in many of Council’s various community-based business and tourism projects.

The Private Sector

Prior to my time in the public sector, I spent 16 years working in the tourism, building and mining industries, overseeing business operations, liaising with stakeholders and hosting political representatives.

Skills and Training

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to attend a broad range of courses and workshops that have provided me with a great skills base, including business studies, senior leadership, problem solving and strategising (Six Sigma), communication, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, work ethic, organisational skills and disability awareness.

Conservative Politics

Naturally I support the Australian Conservatives policies 100%. There are so many issues to rectify in our country today which I am very passionate about, and the following are only a few:


  • Australia’s national debt is my biggest concern and something I will push hard on for real action to be taken, to reduce and eliminate so the money paid on interest can be spent on more important areas across the community
  • I want to see a significant reduction in our current immigration numbers with a long term strategy implemented that supports future growth
  • I also want to see a sensible strategic plan implemented for our national power supply, which includes all forms of energy and no renewable energy subsidies
  • Preservation for Australia-grown businesses and support for entrepreneurial initiatives is critical if we are to remain competitive and sustainable in the future
  • I strongly support a drastic change to current welfare programs that encourage individuals to be independent of government handouts, where illness or disability is not a factor. Personal responsibility is a virtue that needs to be re-instilled in the Australian culture
  • Our justice system is in shambles and needs a complete overhaul. I would love nothing more than to see an enquiry or equivalent undertaken to make ours a truly just system for victims of crime


  • There needs to be more discussion and regulation around Chinese investment in Australia and greater Australian engagement with neighbouring countries currently accepting Chinese economic contributions
  • I support any call for Australia to leave organisations that override our sovereignty, disadvantage our trade opportunities or demand exorbitant financial contributions that are simply a redistribution of wealth. Examples include United Nations Paris Climate Accord and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
  • The budget for foreign aid needs to be severely scrutinised and significantly reduced with more funds redirected towards a multitude of domestic areas of need such as hospitals, aged care facilities, pensioners, disadvantaged school children, domestic and child abuse and crime to name only a few

In the politics arena, I have always been disappointed in those that put more time into discrediting their opposition than promoting their own list of policies and commitments. My focus as a representative for the Australian Conservatives will be to both listen to the people and positively promote the policies and direction of the party in a way that inspires hope and unites people to push for change.


On a personal level, I am a very family-orientated conservative Christian, always looking out for others.

On a professional level I would describe myself as strong-willed, motivated, honest, organised and extremely hardworking. I always see a task or project through to the end with the highest attention to detail given. I also consider myself to be highly responsible and discreet, and handle pressure well in stressful situations. I live by the values I hold close and act in the most professional manner at all times.

I connect well with people from all backgrounds. I take a genuine interest in their philosophy and how government policy impedes or enhances their lifestyle or business ambitions.

Political Influences

There are many courageous, straight-talking, conservative politicians, commentators and journalists that I have come to respect, trust and learn from.

Australia: Cory Bernardi + conservative commentators from 2GB & 2EL radio

US: Dave Rubin, the late Andrew Breitbart, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Trey Gowdy, Jim Jordan, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter

UK: Nigel Farage (Brexit), Katie Hopkins

Europe: Marine Le Penn, Geert Wilders

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