Someone has to say NO to the Greens before the lights go out

December 20, 2018

Queensland should not be forced to supply electricity to NSW if it fails to replace lost generating capacity from the closure of coal-fired power stations, according to Conservative Party Senate Candidate Lyle Shelton.

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Mr Shelton’s comments come as the NSW Minerals Council today warned that time was running out for the State to replace the electricity that will be lost when the Liddell coal-fired power station closes in 2022.

The Council warns that NSW would have to rely on power coming from interconnectors in Queensland and Victoria.

“What an embarrassment for Australia’s ‘premier’ state when that happens,” Mr Shelton said.

“New South Wales’ capitulation to reckless green-left policies should not become Queensland’s problem.”

Mr Shelton said it was astounding that the federal energy minister, Angus Taylor, was speaking yesterday using the phrase “keep the lights on”.

“How did a nation like Australia, with some of the biggest coal, gas and uranium reserves in the world, get to the point where our energy policy debate is about how to keep the lights on?

“This is a politician-induced crisis brought on by both Labor and Liberals’ failure to stand up to the Greens and to test the validity of their ‘climate action’ assumptions.

“Whether it is the UN’s Katowice climate summit or New South Wales Liberal Don Harwin urging zero emissions by 2050, the warming alarmist movement won’t be appeased by the Morrison Government’s valiant attempts to stop ‘climate action’ at a 26 per cent reduction in emissions.

“The Greens and their fellow travellers embedded in the major parties won’t stop until our economy is ruined, jobs are off-shore and the lights are out.

“There is no industrialised economy in the world running on wind and solar and there is no technology available any time soon to allow this. Politicians need to be honest with the Australian people.”

Mr Shelton said he aimed to replace Queensland Greens Senator Larissa Waters, “It’s nothing personal, but the Greens' influence in our nation has to be stopped before our economy goes off a cliff.”

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